“There has been much talk of the old Hudson River Psych Center as of late after ground was broken on the $250 million Hudson Heritage Project. But did you know the property inspired a horror novel?

Building 51 was written by author Jennifer L. Place and released in December of 2017. The novel tells the tale of seven friends exploring the ruins of the old abandoned and burned out facility. A place where shock treatment, lobotomies, and straight jackets were at one point a daily reality…”

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“The horror genre is new to you as a writer (at least in what you have had published), please let us know how that came to be?’

While Building 51 is the first horror story I’ve published, it’s not the first I’ve written. I have an unfinished vampire novel that’s been pushed to the back burner for a number of years, both due to the oversaturation of vampires as well as other projects just taking higher priority. I’ve found entering the genre daunting because the space has so much talent and my own insecurities made me question whether my stories were good enough to be included…”
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“Hudson Valley author Jennifer Place has turned her curiosity about a local landmark into a ghost story.

“Building 51” is the Clintondale resident’s new book, which is set at the Hudson River State Hospital.


It was the familial ties that piqued her interest — her grandparents worked there, and her grandfather graduated the nursing school in 1951. Her father and uncles played baseball and golf on the hospital grounds…”

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“Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, author Jennifer L. Place found much of the inspiration for her novel “Journey’s End” during the many visits she made as a child to the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park with her grandparents. Her grandmother worked as a florist and would often take her for strolls through the ornate Italian gardens of Vanderbilt.

These visits led to a lifelong love affair with the mansion and grounds, and inspired a fictional tale set in the Hudson Valley’s famed Millionaire’s Row…”

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