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Eva Sterling left Walnut Hill without a backward glance…ran at high speed is actually more accurate. She has been living the life she always wanted with her husband Matt until tragedy strikes and turns her world upside down. Her hometown, until now, has never given her what she needed…has always been more draining than sustaining. Now, she must return home to the life…the family…everything upon which she once turned her back and hope that the place from whence she came has what she needs now to heal.

Jesse Hawthorne instigated Eva’s departure. He was utterly responsible for breaking her heart more times than he could count. He has carried with him the knowledge and the burden that she ran away, not from the town, but from him. With her arrival back in his life, he is bound and determined to be the man he always knew she deserved.

Second Chances asks its characters, and its readers, the question, “Is it possible to build a future on a foundation of regret?”